2018 Winding Road Racing –  NASA Contingency Program

Program Details
Decal Placement Diagram

Payout Schedule

 Payout Level 1st(1) 5th(2) 10th(3) 15th(4) 20th(5) Become Licensed*
Submit Video of 1st Lap**(see section #6 for upload instructions)
 Sponsorship Reward $100 $80 $65 $50 $25 $25 $25

Series Eligibility

944 Spec, American Iron, American Iron Extreme, Camaro Mustang Challenge, Endurance Series, Factor Five Challenge, German Touring Series, Honda Challenge, NASA Prototype Series, Performance Touring,  Spec Iron, Spec Miata, Spec 3, Spec Z, Spec E30, Spec E46, Super Touring, Rally Sport

Winding Road Racing Program Details


Peter Nelson, WindingRoadRacing.com, email:  contact@windingroad.com

Sponsorship Requirements and Payouts

  1. Requirement: Decals
  2. Number of decals required & location:
    1. Front: two decals on the front 2 corners of vehicle OR
    2. Back: two decals on the back 2 corners of vehicle OR
    3. Interior: one decal placed in the interior of race car; must be visible on camera
  3. Decal sizes:
    1. 4” square decals
  4. Optional: WRR race suit patch and windshield banner (for purchase)
    1. WRR patch: http://store.windingroad.com/winding-road-racing-contingency-sponsorship—optional-patch-p684.aspx
    2. Windshield banner: http://store.windingroad.com/winding-road-racing-contingency-sponsorship-decal—optional-windshield-banner-p692.aspx
  5. Payouts:
    1. Payouts will be awarded in the form of Winding Road Racing coupons
    2. A minimum purchase four-times (4x) the coupon amount is required to redeem coupons at checkout, e.g.:
      1. $50 coupon can be applied to a cart total of $200 or higher
      2. $100 coupon can be applied to a cart total of $400 or higher
  6. How to Upload Your Race Video: upload your race video here:  https://windingroadracing.wetransfer.com/
    1. In the “Add Your Files” section, include your name, class, car, date, race track and sanctioning body/organization, and video file name.  Please do not set any passwords on the file transfer page. We must have this information to give you sponsorship credit for videos.

To order decal kit, click here: www.wrrsponsorship.com

Award Details

  • See Payout Schedule for award amounts.
  • To claim an award, eligible competitors will need to email a copy of their results (scanned from sanctioning body, MyLaps, or equivalent) with a photo of their car from the event(s) showing the required WindingRoadRacing.com decals in place during the event (within 15 business days of event/3 weeks).
  • Awards will be sent via email to eligible participants within 15 business days.


  • U.S.-based racers only (with exceptions by application).
  • WRR reserves the right to cancel or change sponsorship at any time.
  • One claim per car. One claim per race weekend.
  • Coupons can be used on full-priced items only (sale items not included).
  • Coupons expire after one (1) year.
  • One coupon award per purchase.

1. Minimum class car count: 3. Credits only for 1st place, not 2nd -4th
2. Minimum class car count: 7. Credits only for 5th place, not 6th – 9th
3. Minimum class car count: 12. Credits only for 10th place, not 11th – 14th
4. Minimum class car count: 17. Credits only for 15th place, not 16th – 19th
5. Minimum class car count: 22. Credits only for 20th place, not 21st – Nth
* Once per sanctioning body. Only applies to licenses obtained after registering for sponsorship program.
** First-time only (annually)