2021 Titan 7 –  NASA Contingency Program


Payout Schedule

 Attend a minimum of (5) Events  15% Rebate on your Titan 7 wheel purchase

Series Eligibility

American Iron, American Iron Extreme, Camaro Mustang Challenge, German Touring Series, Spec Z, Super Touring, Time Trial

Titan 7 Program Details


Titan 7 Wheels
941 N Elm St. Unit D
Orange CA 92867
[email protected]

How to claim Titan 7 Contingency? 

  1. Follow all program requirements outlined below.
  2. Take (4) Photos of your vehicle at the track before your competition session. Refer to the FAQ section here.
  3. Complete Titan 7 Contingency Form after every event once the official results have been published.

Usage Requirements

  1. Decals Requirement: YES
  2. # of Decals: 2
  3. Location: Decal must be placed on each side of the vehicle.
  4. Decal availability: Decals will be available in Drivers Info at each event

Award Details

  • Regional Competition: Competitors in eligible classes running Titan 7 wheels and attending a minimum of (5) events will receive a 15% rebate at the end of the 2021 season towards their previous Titan 7 wheels purchase.
  • Awards are presented in the form of a rebate from Titan 7 crediting previously purchased wheels.

Additional Information

  • Awards must be claimed within 30 days of the last event in your region and no later than December 31, 2021.
  • Eligible Participants MUST purchase Titan 7 wheels (any model) directly from Titan 7 or an authorized dealer.
  • Eligible Participants MUST attend a minimum of (5) Events to qualify for the award.
  • Rebates expire January 31, 2022
  • Maximum of (1) rebate award per driver. Awards cannot be combined or transferred
  • Competitors are required to electronically complete a claim form at prizes.drivenasa.com and submit official timing results.
  • Awards will strictly be based on official race results supplied by NASA.
  • Titan 7 retains the right to change the program details at any time.
  • This optional contingency program is verified by NASA and paid for by Titan 7.