2018 Hoosier Racing Tire –  NASA Contingency Program

Redemption Form
Program Details

Payout Schedule

1st 2nd
7+ Starters 2 Free Tires 1 Free Tire
5 – 6 Starters 2 Free Tires
  1st 2nd 3rd
10 + Starters 4 Free Tires 2 Free Tires 1 Free Tires
5 – 9 Starters 2 Free Tires 1 Free Tires

Series Eligibility

American Iron Extreme, Endurance Racing, German Touring Series, Performance Touring, Super Touring, Time Trial

Hoosier Racing Tire Program Details


Tim Gilvin
Hoosier Racing Tire
65465 S.R. 931
Lakeville, IN 46536
(574) 784-3152
(574) 784-2385    fax

Usage Requirements

  1. To be eligible for this program, competitors must be using Hoosier Racing Tires on all four wheel positions. Hoosier Patch on driving suit is also required.
  2. Decals Requirement: YES
  3.  # of Decals: 3
  4. Location: One decal must be placed on each side of the vehicle as well as on the front.
  5. No exceptions will be made for this rule. No competing tire decals.
  6. Decal availability: Decals and Patch will be mailed once registered. Additional decals are available through Tim Gilvin at (574) 784-3152 or tgilvin@hoosiertire.com.

Award Details

  • Product awards are presented to all eligible 1st and 2nd place finishers meeting the starting NASA regional race requirements outlined above; DNS are not counted in the class count. TT groups must show a minimum of two runs per day.
  • Contingency forms must be completely filled out and include all supplemental information; copy of official results, proof of purchase & photos of all three decals (first time only).
  • Proof of Purchase of your tires must be submitted. Tires must be puchased at MSRP to be eligible for the contingency program. Photos alone of your tires are not an accepted alternative.
  • A minimum of five competitors are required in a class to claim 1st place awards, and seven cars are required to claim 2nd place awards.
  • Tires will be awarded for a maximum of one official points paying race per day, and a maximum of two official points paying races pe r race weekend event. If a class has more than two races per weekend, the race class leader must indicate which two races are eligible for this program. If someone is competing in any TT class on the same day, they may only claim an award for the highest one of those finishing positions. A maximum of four (4) tires can be claimed per event.
  • Competitiors may only submit claims for the same size tire for which they can provide proof of purchase.
  • All awards must be claimed within 30 days of each eligible event . See “Payout Schedule” above for award amounts.

Additional Information

  • This optional contingency program is verified by NASA and paid for by Hoosier Racing Tire. Any additional questions regarding the program can be directed to (574) 784-3152.
  • Additional details can be found on Hoosier’s contingency page.
  • Hoosier Racing Tire retains the right to change the program details at anytime during 2018