Frequently Asked Questions2018-07-05T15:09:02+00:00

Frequently Asked Questions

Who at the track can verify and sign my compliance form?2018-07-05T12:34:58+00:00

Any available regional NASA Official can do it for you at the track. We recommend that you work with your series leader to verify and sign your compliance form.

What if I won a contingency award on Saturday but did my compliance form on Sunday? Can I still submit for a contingency?2018-07-05T12:34:52+00:00

Your compliance form is only good for Sunday if you do it on Sunday. You will not be able to claim contingency for Saturday with a form signed on Sunday.

My region runs endurance races on a Friday. When do I need to have my compliance form signed in order to claim contingency?2018-07-05T15:10:38+00:00

Your compliance form should be dated and signed on a Friday of the race. It will be good through the weekend.

Can I fill out one compliance form per contingency per race weekend?2018-07-05T12:37:30+00:00

Yes, you only need to fill out one compliance form per contingency per weekend. We recommend you do it following the first competition session on a Saturday.