Frequently Asked Questions2019-01-11T15:55:18+00:00

Frequently Asked Questions

What photos of my race car do I need to take?2019-01-11T16:41:56+00:00

Required contingency decals must be placed on your race car before a competition session that you plan to claim contingency in.

Photos submitted must display the entire car with the required contingency decals visible and clear to identify.

  • Photo #1 – Front of the car
  • Photo #2 – Back of the car
  • Photo #3 – Driver side view of the car
  • Photo #4 – Passenger side view of the car


How do I enable Geotagging or Location Services?2019-01-11T16:06:06+00:00

To enable geotagging on Apple iPhone Devices:

Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Camera > Enable Allow Location Access “While Using The App”  

To enable geotagging on Android Devices:

 Launch Camera app > More > Settings> Enable “Save Location” or “Enable Geotagging”