Please note that this Contingency Program is only available to participants who are registered for the DG-SPEC WINNING FORMULASM Support Package.

Do you want to win a NASA National Championship?

There isn’t a single part you can put on your car that will make this happen.  Teams win championships, plain and simple.  So what if you could have one of the very best teams at your side for the entire four days at Circuit of The Americas?  How about a Rolex GT Champion ready to help elevate your game?

Need data or video analysis, private coaching, car set-up advice, or even a team who will expertly set up your car?

This program is limited to the first 20 paid Drivers only. Space is extremely limited. For more information regarding the program please visit – 


Compliance Form
Program Details

Payout Schedule

1st 2nd 3rd
5 or more starters $750 Cash  $500 Cash $300 Cash

Series Eligibility

944 Spec, American Iron, American Iron Extreme, Camaro Mustang Challenge, Factory Five Challenge, German Touring Series, Honda Challenge, NASA Prototype Series, Performance Touring,  Spec Iron, Spec Miata, Spec 3, Spec Z, Spec E30, Spec E46, Super Touring, Time Trial



Dan Gardner
Team Owner
Tel: 310-489-3094

How to Claim DG-SPEC WINNING FORMULASM Contingency? 

  1. Follow all program requirements outlined below.
  2. Complete Contingency Compliance Form at the track.
  3. Complete Dan Gardner Spec Contingency Claim Form once the official results have been published.

Usage Requirements

  1. Decals Requirement: YES
  2. # of Decals: 4
  3. Location: One decal must be used on each side of the vehicle.
  4. Decal availability: Decals are available directly from Dan Gardner Spec

Award Details

  1. Product awards are presented to 1st, 2nd, 3rd,  place finishers meeting the starting requirements outlined above.
  2. Awards are presented in the form of Cash

Additional Information

  • Competitors are required to electronically complete a claim form at prizes.drivenasa.com and submit official timing results along with a picture of their vehicle showing the required decals.
  • This program is open to all classes and there are no parts restrictions.
  • Contingency awards will be awarded for the Championship race only. Qualifying races are not eligible for awards through this program.
  • Maximum of one (1) award per race weekend and per car may be claimed
  • Contingency awards are non-transferable and are redeemable for qualified products only.
  • Awards will strictly be based on official race results supplied by NASA.
  • Dan Gardner Spec retains the right to change the program details at any time during 2018.
  • This optional contingency program is verified by NASA and paid for by Dan Gardner Spec.
  • Awards must be claimed within 60 days of event conclusion.