#DRIVENASA | Contingency Programs

The National Auto Sport Association has partnered with the best companies and manufacturers to get our competitors some of the largest prize payouts in the amateur racing community. What is a contingency? To put it simply, a contingency program is a form of sponsorship where a competitor places decals on their race car in exchange for products or cash awards. NASA members who are competing in select race classes are eligible for lucrative cash and product prizes. 

If you have more questions about contingency programs please reach out to us on our community forums

More programs are coming for 2019 season as we work with our contingency sponsors through award details. Keep checking this website and look for announcements on social media about new and renewing contingency programs.

Contingency Compliance Process Improvement for 2019 Competiton Season:

In the past, if a competitor wanted to claim a contingency, a Compliance Form had to be filled out at the track for each contingency program. For 2019 and beyond we are implementing a new and improved contingency compliance process. First, take four (4) pictures of your car with your smart device at the track and before the competition session you plan to claim contingency for. After the event, you will submit the four pictures with your contingency redemption request. That is all. No need for multiple Compliance Forms. 

Important Points about the New Process:

  • The pictures must clearly show the required programs’ decals. Please refer to an FAQ for picture views.
  • You must have geotagging enabled on your smart device in order for us to know that the pictures were indeed taken at the particular event and location. Please refer to an FAQ for directions on how to enable geotagging on your smart devices.
  • We recommend taking the pictures of your car at the start of the race weekend showing all required decals. Pictures taken after the event will not be accepted as proof of contingency program compliance. 


Some contingency programs might still require a signed contingency redemption form. Please refer to the contingency program details and requirement.